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Following on from our Little Book of Connected Environments and the Internet of Things we have a new publication – The Little Book of Public Space and the Internet of Things.

Our public spaces are changing, they are at the forefront of a technological revolution yet this is a revolution that often remains hidden from sight. Sensors are being installed and the ability to interact with objects in our spaces – from projects such as the PETRAS Talking Trees through to conversations with Lamp Posts or data interactions with local wildlife is changing our interactions both in and with these places and spaces.

Written with the brilliant Alex Deschamps-Sonsino, alongside Professor Andrew Hudson-Smith and Professor Duncan Wilson from the Connected Environments Team, the Little Book explores safety and security and moves on to maintenance. We then look at some of the issues affecting people and explore health, community building and culture while exploring the use of public space for play. After this, we explore conservation and culture, transport and signage, accessibility and then, finally, we discuss future trends.

You can download it for free as a PDF – The Little Book of Public Space and the Internet of Things [PDF]

Reference  – Deschamps-Sonsino, A, Hudson-Smith, A, and Wilson, D (2020). Edited by Coulton C. ISBN 978-1-86220-391-4

The Little Book of Public Spaces and the Internet of Things