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Our Little Book of Connected Environments is about opening up the potential of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to provide information about our environment. From city-wide systems and the idea of the Smart City through to building-level management systems and the connected home, data is being joined up – connected. Via a series of case studies this book explores the wide array of possibilities, from environmental data (Shazam for Bats) through to connecting everyday devices in public park settings (Tales of the Park) and onwards to adding IoT into the Curriculum via the Internet of Schools.

The context and impact is wider than these case studies. Connected environments have the potential to change everything we know about not only our urban environments but also our homes, healthcare, transport, security and beyond. This little book builds on work carried out by a team of computer scientists, social scientists, environmental scientists and artists over the last decade, providing a glimpse into the potential of connected environments. We hope to show that how, in many ways, we are at the start of a new digital revolution of connected devices which will transform how we view, manage and use our environments. So, what does this Little Book tell you? We begin by clearly explaining what we mean by connected environments and the Internet of Things. After this, we go into a bit more depth, presenting a number of case studies which we believe illustrate the potential of these technologies to change our lives for the better…

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  • Huang Zhipeng says:

    Amazing!With AI、IOT and big data and other disruptive technologies,A device that have the ability to converse with us is really cool and will change our public spaces disruptively, not only from the entertainment perspective but also from the daily-life-change perspective!!
    I am a student in China and I am going to study Smart Cities in CASA of UCL this fall,I am really interested in this kind of things that equip our physical places with those virtual things .Really amazing!!!

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